Adults (College and Above)



Adult Ministries

Our Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF’s) are cross-generational Bible Study groups with a relaxed, discussion-fostering environment. ABF's meet Sunday mornings after the morning worship service. The classes open with a time of sharing and prayer. Studies focus on relevant, Bible-centered topics or on a study of a specific book of the Bible.

Cornerstone ABF

Teacher – Robert Cross - A study in the book of Romans, Part 1. We will mine the first section of this rich book together. Paul expertly explains the condition of man, the universal need for salvation, true faith, and the amazing provision of eternal life through Jesus Christ!   Location: Gym 122

Pathfinders ABF

Teacher – Brian Narloch - Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians. As a complement to Pastor Mark’s series in Timothy, we will examine the letter written to the Church that Timothy pastored. We will seek to unravel Paul’s admonition to encourage the Ephesian believers to walk as fruitful followers of Christ and to serve Him in unity and love for one another.   Location: Fireside Room

Salt Company ABF

Teacher – Bob Mangin - Studies in the Gospel of John. This very unique study reveals the humanity and deity of Jesus Christ through the perspective of 23 characters/groups in the Gospel of John. Their interactions with Jesus range from devotion to antagonism, showing how people of all walks of life respond to Jesus while emphasizing the glory of the Son of God. Location: Commons

Fidelis ABF

Teacher – Harold Vannoy -2 Kings. The books of the Kings of Israel reveal some of the best and the worst in the soul of man. We continue this study after the fall and removal of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Judah now stands alone as the covenant people of God as we examine both godly and heathen kings and how they lead His people. Location: Room 100

Foundry ABF (married fewer than 10 years)

Teachers - Joel Narloch and Pastor Mark Cizauskas - Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World. Author C.J. Mahaney and fellow pastors wisely lead us to see the often subtle presence of worldliness in our hearts. Looking specifically at the media we consume, the music we listen to, the modesty we cultivate, and the possessions we collect, this book stands as a passionate plea for Christians to avoid the dangers of being shaped by the world and instead pursue godliness through the grace of the gospel.  Location: Room 132

Ladies ABF

Teacher – Maggie Kigar - We will conclude our series of the 10 Major Doctrines by finishing our last subject, Eschatology, the Doctrine of Last Things.  Location: Room 102


Our electives are temporary classes designed with focused subject matter in a variety of topics. 

Young Adults

College students and singles meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at the Brokke's home. It's a causal evening focusing on prayer, Bible study & community. For location information, please contact the church office.