What does my Goal to the Forward In Faith capital campaign mean?

A Goal to the Forward In Faith campaign means you are interested in making a financial contribution to the mission and vision of our expansion project. The effectiveness and success of our Forward in Faith campaign depends on the members and friends of First Baptist Church making gifts “over and above” their current level of giving to the general operations budget of the church. The most appropriate path to increased giving is the spiritual path: We set our hearts on things above. Our financial priorities are then guided by our spiritual priorities. 

Your contribution will be kept confidential in the same manner that all donations are given at First Baptist. We offer several ways of giving:

Offering Plate Contribution

Both the white numbered offering envelopes and the blue generic offering envelopes include a place to indicate an additional gift designation. Just include your campaign contribution in your offering check and indicate on the envelope how much is “General Fund” and how much is toward your "Campaign Goal Card".

Online Contribution

Our online contribution page includes the option to contribute to the campaign. You may schedule a one-time gift to this designation, or you can set up a recurring transfer to be made weekly or monthly.

Appreciated Securities

You may choose to contribute stocks, bonds, or other securities as part of your contribution to the campaign. There are potential tax advantages to this type of transaction, but there are also potential penalties. Therefore, before making a contribution of this type, we encourage you to consult your CPA, tax attorney, and/or financial advisor.

Goal Card