What an exciting time to be part of First Baptist Church of Rochester!

Though we find ourselves living in turbulent days and uncertain times, what we know as certain is that Jesus is building His church, and not even the gates of hell can prevail against it...

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Video Rendition

Auger Klein Aller (AKA) Architects Inc. has provided us with a video rendering of our plans for the expansion and additions. You will see the new entrance as if entering the property from Orion Road.

  view entrance video here

 view updated foyer here

view children's entrance here

view interior of children's addition

Renovation and Addition Layouts

Looking for more details? Click the link to view a layout for each portion of the proposed plans. 

view maps here



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What will it take?

Cost Breakdown

All figures are approximate and subject to change.

Gift Guide

There are many ways that the Lord could lead us to contribute $2.6 million over the next three years. With that being said, this chart represents one way that we see this project being funded. Use this guide as you consider what the Lord may be calling you to give.

Commitment Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to aid you as you consider what your three-year commitment might look like in smaller increments. It is incredible how simple changes in our lives can produce an outcome beyond what we might think possible in our initial consideration of what God might be calling us to give.

This schedule is for quick calculation of weekly, monthly, and yearly giving. No one should feel confined to the schedule.

We are asking for equal sacrifice,
not equal giving.

Join In What God Is Doing

Explore my commitment

This Is A Journey of Discipleship

Not simply a fundraising effort.

Each of us needs to be reminded that what we do with the money that God has given to us is a barometer of our spiritual health.

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See How God has blessed us through the years

For those who have benefited from the time we have spent as part of this church family, we must see that it's now our turn and our opportunity as we look to the future.

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