Discipleship Path


Throughout the New Testament, we find a heavy emphasis on the importance of spiritual growth and discipleship.

When Jesus was on earth, He chose the twelve disciples and intentionally poured into them. Shortly before ascending back into heaven, Jesus commissioned His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations. We believe that this same commission compels us to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ today. 


Gather in Worship

We believe that the best context for discipleship is found in the local church.


Grow In Your Relationship with Jesus Christ

We believe that the most important relationship one can have is to know Jesus Christ as personal Savior. Our desire is that every believer would follow Him in obedience by being baptized and joining a local church.

Grow In Your Knowledge of God

We believe that every disciple of Jesus must grow in their knowledge of God and His Word. We meet in various-sized groups throughout the week in order to study the Word of God together.

Grow In Christian Community

We believe that the Christian life was never intended to be lived alone. God has given us other believers in the local church to help us grow in the Christian community so that we might follow Jesus more faithfully.


Go & Serve In Our Church

We believe that the church is the body of Christ, meant to care for and love one another. Each member is called to commit themselves to faithfully serving in the local church.

Go & Reach Our Community

We believe that God has placed us in Rochester to reach this community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to reach our community through many different ministries.

Go & Reach Our World

We believe that God wants people from every tribe, tongue, language, and nation to know Jesus Christ. While not every person is called to go across the world as a missionary, we are all called to join in the mission of either sending or going...